You have 75 days to complete your 75 Challenge starting 29th AUGUST - 11th NOVEMBER 2020 so what are you waiting for…. READ ON!

Support wildlife conservation in Zambia with Game Rangers International and Conservation Lower Zambezi


 The Elephant Epic MTB Challenge has been an annual fundraising MTB favourite in Zambia since 2012. Traditionally, the race follows a rugged route from Lusaka to the Zambezi River down the valley escarpment, covering a distance of 75km. Sadly, due to restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic we have no choice but to cancel the physical MTB race this year.


However we will not let COVID stop this momentum! At a time when conservation efforts are more critical than ever before the funding available is rapidly diminishing, so we have taken this much loved event VIRTUAL. Please, set yourself a 75 Challenge and help save Zambia’s precious wildlife.


Anyone, anywhere can enter the Elephant EPIC 75 Challenge. All you have to do is complete a personal challenge of your choice using a denomination of 75, anytime within 75 days from 29th August 2020. E.g. cycle 75km, run/walk 7.5km, swim 750m, row, rock climb, you could do 75 push ups, 750 star jumps, 75 1km walks over 75 days… anything with a 7 and a 5! It doesn’t matter how fit you are or even what age you are. Anyone can set their own challenge and we are excited to see your creative challenges!

Be EPIC - Encourage your friends and family to sponsor you and join the herd!

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