With the 75 Challenge covering such a wide range of activities across so many varied conditions and environments it is hard to award prizes for physical achievement. However, we wanted to ensure we gave you a little encouragement to dig deep,  push yourselves and make your 75 count!

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The TRULY EPIC Awards will be given to the top three EPIC individuals who raise the most funds for wildlife conservation (must include at least one Zambian based entry).

Simply EPIC will be awarded to the most compelling story of your 75 Challenge

EPIC Extreme will be awarded to the individual who has had to overcome the most challenging situation to complete their 75 Challenge

Spirit of the EPIC will be awarded to the individual who is nominated for or demonstrates the most support to others throughout their 75 Challenge

5 years in the Saddle is awarded tor anyone who has completed five Elephant EPIC MTB events in Zambia – for 2020 if you complete the EPIC course as part of your 75 Challenge it will count towards this award.

N.B. GRI and the Elephant EPIC take no responsibility for anyone attempting to cycle the EPIC route outside of the hosted event.

The most EPIC Video submitted highlighting  your 75 Challenge


The most EPIC Photo submitted highlighting  your 75 Challenge


All awards and notable achievements will receive public acknowledgement through a virtual awards ceremony with prizes allocated to each award



Incredible Prizes will go to the top three individuals who raise the most funds for wildlife and each will win a tailored made Safari holiday in Zambia.


These will include exclusive behind the scene tours to the GRI Elephant Nursery and Release Facility in Kafue National Park to get a deeper insight to GRI's Wildlife Rescue Programme as well as the vital Community Outreach and Resource Protection Programmes in operation to support DNPW and the neighbouring communities.

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In addition winners will be treated to visit the CLZ Basecamp, nestled along the Zambezi River to learn about their work in Environmental Education, Detection and Tracking Dog Unit and their Rapid Response (law enforcement) Unit, all dedicated to keeping this beautiful landscape safe.


Stunning Lodge accommodation offered in the Kafue National Park, Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa, Livingstone (The heart of the Victoria Falls), and Lusaka - these will be unique Safari holidays not to be missed!