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The Elephant EPIC Plank Challenge

Global Event

A quick and straightforward global, virtual challenge to test your strength and mind! The plank is a classic, core strength exercise. Commonly used by all kinds of athletes in training, from yogis to boxers, the plank challenge can be done as an extended arm or forearm plank. Your form will be judged by the official adjudicators of the EPIC Challenge Series. In addition to being in the running to win one of our EPIC Event Prizes, you could also be crowned as the overall Series Champion.

Practice your plank, get your longest time, and get someone to film you completing it! Register now and get practicing!

*You can enter the Plank Challenge as many times as you want. Evidence of your challenge can be submitted at any time, however, the earlier you do it, the quicker you get your official EPIC photo posted on our page so you can generate likes.

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