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The Elephant EPIc MTB Challenge


The Elephant EPIC MTB Challenge, Zambia is the original Elephant EPIC event. The annual mountain bike race from Lusaka to the Lower Zambezi, began in 2012 with only 16 riders.  Today it attracts over 200 eager cyclists from all over Zambia.  This is the event that has inspired the global Elephant EPIC Challenge.  


The race follows a rugged and beautiful route from Lusaka to the Lower Zambezi down the escarpment, covering a distance of approximately 75 km. Long enough to be a challenge, yet short enough to attract riders of wide ranging abilities, the route showcases the remote and beautiful Zambian scenery.

The Elephant EPIC MTB Challenge, Zambia

Entry for the Elephant EPIC MTB Zambia is Open.  

If you are hoping to take part in the Elephant EPIC, why not challenge yourself and register for the Global Cycle Race - take on your own course and challenge the top times on the leader-board in Zambia.  Find out more here!


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Our EPIC sponsors

Thank you to the EPIC Sponsors who support our MTB Challenge in Zambia.  Without their generosity the Elephant EPIC MTB Challenge would not be possible.  You are all conservation champions.