N.B. Subject to change as per current Ministry of Health advice. Final Regulations will be issued in the week before the event to ensure we fall under current and appropriate guidelines!

  • Upon arrival at the START all riders will be screened for temperature and presenting symptoms.  Any rider presenting symptoms will be refused participation to the event and requested to leave. 

  •  Masks must be worn by all personnel (riders, supporters, staff) at the START line. Masks will be worn by riders until they are 1km into the race and have sufficiently spaced.

  • All personnel must carry a mask and sanitiser throughout the race (in case of a need to get into close contact e.g. helping an injured rider, bike repairs etc.).

  • All personnel must adhere to ‘social distancing’ regulations.

  • Masks will not be required to be worn when cycling (after the START) or if outside and at a distance from others.

  • Riders are requested to space themselves appropriately throughout the race.

  • The START will be batched into groups of 40 participants spread out along the road. This will be clearly marked with marshals to assist.

  • Personnel will not be permitted to congregate at water stations, marshals will ensure spacing at all times.

  • Upon arrival at the FINISH line riders will have the opportunity to collect drinks, recover, attend the First Aid tent and collect lunch. However, there will not be the option to remain in the campgrounds for lengthy periods. Marshals will be present to maintain social distancing. There will be no on-site Prize Giving ceremony and all riders and their supporters will be asked to move to their respective destinations to avoid congestion at the finish line area.

  • Please note that for Elephant EPIC 2021 in order to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission there will be no bus service offered to the race Start or from the Finish back to Lusaka. 

We have Lusaka City Council permit to host the event, and will have Health Inspectors present at the start and finish to ensure that we are conforming to Ministry of Health regulations.

EPIC 2021 Race cancellation and refund policy

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic in Zambia it is important that we highlight a number of risks in hosting this event at this time.

  1. The Elephant EPIC 2021 physical MTB event may only proceed with the authorisation of the GRZ Ministry of Health. Currently we have permission to host this event but should government policy dictate that we cancel the event, this will be non-negotiable

  2. EPIC event organisers retain the right to cancel the EPIC 2021 physical event if COVID circumstances change and they feel the race carries too much risk

  3. Any rider registered for the physical event who changes their mind about entering the race based on the current COVID situation Or who cannot physically enter the race due to a COVID related factor will be withdrawn and reimbursed as per the policy below.

In the event of cancellation/withdrawal from the race:

  1. All physical EPIC Riders will be refunded the ‘physical’ portion of their entry fee, but GRI will retain $30pp so they are automatically converted and entered into the Virtual EPIC race.

  2. All meal and accommodation bookings will be refunded in full.

  3. Please see the Virtual Race information for details