Help save Zambian wildlife by joining the Elephant EPIC 75 Challenge! Wherever you are in the world you can feel a part of this special event and connect to other dynamic conservation enthusiasts through our multiple platforms: WhatsAapp, Facebook, Strava and email. We will not let COVID-19 stop the momentum! So join the herd!

Epic Challenge minimum donation: $30pp REGISTER HERE!

How do I take part in the 75 Challenge?

  1. Set yourself a personal challenge with a denomination of 75. See EPIC film for some examples but you can cycle, run, walk, swim, row, rock climb, you could do 75 push ups, 750 star jumps, 75 walks over 75 days, plant 750 trees, the challenge can be as creative as you like!

  2. The challenge timeline will run for 75 days (from 29th August to 11th November) so you can complete your challenge on one day or over multiple days

How to sign up?

  1. Register your challenge with us online HERE

  2. Upon registering you will receive an automated confirmation of registration

  3. We will then send you a personalised email with the details outlined below. If you require a receipt for your donated funds please indicate by email and we will organise this for you.

  4. Begin your 75 Challenge!

How will I record my Challenge?

  1. If you are already signed up to STRAVA and you are planning to walk, run or cycle or cover some distance for your challenge, you can simply request to join our STRAVA Club ‘ElephantEpic’ and input your achievements there.

  2. If your Challenge does not fit this format please email us the details of your achievements

  3. We kindly ask that all EPIC entrants please send us photos and videos of yourself completing your challenge (wearing your EPIC number plate/T shirt if possible) so we can help connect all participants and acknowledge your incredible achievements through a virtual forum: social media and website. Please upload your horizontal video/photos HERE 

How do I fundraise for the Challenge?

  1. By entering this Challenge your $30 will be used to directly support wildlife conservation in Zambia! We encourage you to continue your fundraising effort and make your 75 count by getting sponsored by friends and family and be in with the chance to win a Safari holiday in Zambia!

All EPIC entrants will receive:

  • Membership to the Elephant EPIC Club to provide encouragement, support and MTB knowledge sharing via the Elephant EPIC closed Facebook Group

  • Entry into a lucky draw (raffle)

  • A digital Elephant EPIC 75 Challenge Certificate of participation in recognition of your contribution towards wildlife conservation detailing your EPIC Challenge

  • A complimentary digital Elephant EPIC Elephant Adoption  - To follow an elephant orphan on their journey of rehabilitation for 1 year

  • Access to the EPIC MTB Technical Team to support with all MTB related issues (via the Elephant EPIC Club on FaceBook)

  • Digital EPIC participation Number Board (to self-print and wear whilst completing your challenge)

  • Access to inspirational photo/video footage in our Challenge Gallery of the EPIC MTB in Zambia and the global 75 challenges as participants submit their exciting footage throughout the 75 days

  • Round the world Challenge updates via social media

  • ...And be in with the chance to win some spectacular prizes!


Please note that this is a charity fundraising event and so the ethos of the Elephant EPIC is to encourage participation of the EPIC Challenge for wildlife conservation, so Do it for wildlife and Be EPIC!



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