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Kafue Release Facility

The Kafue Release Facility is a small camp located in the Kafue National Park. The staff are very friendly and welcoming to all new comers. The camp is eco friendly and respects the natural environment in which in inhabits. 

KRF tents.jpg


Volunteers stay in stand up canvas tents. Each tent is equipped with two single beds, a solar lamp (with a USB port for charging) and a camping chair on the front porch. 

Bathroom Block

The volunteer area has a bathroom block divided into three separate bathroom pods. Each pod has its own shower and toilet. The canvas dividers ensure complete privacy. 

KRF bathrooms.jpg
vols shower krf.jpg
KRF loos.jpg

Shower and Toilets

Each bathroom pod has its own shower, toilet and sink. The water for showering is heated up by a Rhodesian boiler every evening. These private bathroom pods are clean and spacious. 

hot water boiler KRF.jpg

Rhodesian Boiler behind the bathroom block

Kitchen Area

The volunteer kitchen area is equipped with a gas stove top, cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery.  Additionally, the kitchen area has special cabinet for each volunteer to store their food. There is also a small fridge available for perishables. The center table sits 6 people.

Vols kitchen_dining KRF.jpg
IMG_0548 2.JPG
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