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Writing a Book: How to Recapture Inspiration and Lost Interest

1. an idea should be a pain in the ass.

Don't rush into writing right away, especially a novel or novella. Think it through, weigh the information, find the interest. And when you find it, keep it going. In your mind. If the story does not languish without writing, if it will grow new details, if it will stick a thorn, constantly reminding yourself - then sit down to write. If the idea fades in a month or two, forget about it. It was an impulse that flew for a while to dispel boredom. Thank him for it, let it go, and forget it.

This is important so you don't accumulate frozen "tails" in your "refrigerator."

If you feel sorry for the idea, if it is interesting - write it down in a story or a sketch. Sometimes a novel grows out of an impulse - an occasional story - years later.

2. Maintain interest on your own and constantly.

Many authors have this quirk: starting to write their own, they close themselves off from any information - stop reading books, watching movies. They are afraid that the new will confuse them. And in this there is a reasonable grain. Indeed, the new is fraught with impulses and random ideas. But new also contributes to the development of the topic. And it's very helpful to read books of your genre and watch movies while you're writing. Then the new information will complement yours. Allow you to look at the topic from another side, show its underside, deepen it. And, accordingly, maintain interest.

And finally. Every story homework help college has its own time and its own writer. Yes, ideas are like mushrooms, each waiting for its own mushroom grower. And if the idea is yours, if the story is a personal experience, you will always find your interest in it. And to start, and, of course, to finish.

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