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Country Office:  

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The Village, Lusaka, Zambia


Resource Protection Director

Roles and Responsibilities of the Resource Protection Director

The GRI Resource Protection Director is responsible for the successful implementation of the RPP Strategic Plan and the day to day management of the Resource Protection Programme ensuring all projects under that programme are implemented effectively, efficiently and in line with all donor grant agreements and partnership arrangements. They have primary responsibility for all programme deliverables and will ensure compliance with the agreed programme budget, GRI Policies, Protocols and Procedures.


The GRI Resource Protection Director will serve as a senior member of the GRI – Zambia Management Team and as such will represent the Resource Protection Programme on EXCO (GRI - Executive Committee).


The responsibilities, through delegation where applicable, of the GRI Resource Protection Director includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

1. Programme Management & Administration

  • Lead on the development of the RPP Annual Workplan, in line with GRI Strategies and compliant with agreed GRI templates

  • Implement the RPP Annual Workplan ensuring agreed deliverables are met on time and on budget

  • Work with the RPP Project Managers to ensure the Quarterly and Monthly Project Workplans (which are owned by the PMs) deliver against the RPP Annual Workplan

  • Responsible for ensuring Grants and other income matches budget (which in turn matches the workplan).

  • Plan and schedule as appropriate programme meetings ensuring meetings are governed by a ToR and minutes are kept and filed in soft and hard copy

  • Maintenance of Trello boards associated with projects under the Resource Protection Programme in order to use the board as an effective management tool

  • Participate in monthly and quarterly EXCO and ManCo meetings as required

  • Provide Monthly Reports (format to be confirmed) to the GRI Executive Committee (EXCO) Meetings

  • Provide written Monthly Programme Reports by the 10th of each month in line with the SOPs[IH1] 

  • Ensure Donor Reporting Matrix is up to date and Project Managers are complying with Donor Reporting Requirements.

  • Prepare and circulate to agreed stakeholders the Quarterly RPP Reports

  • Ensuring SOPs/FATs (Fixed Administration Tasks) are kept up to date and comprehensively cover departmental activities

  • Ensure that all Project Staff adhere to all GRI Policy, Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Provide timely submission of short reports and updates to the Fundraising & PR Team - Country Office, for marketing and PR purposes

  •  Ensure the RPP projects complement and enhance where possible other GRI programming activities

2. Financial Management

  • Planning and preparation (1st draft) of all relevant programme budgets for submission to EXCO for approval, including Annual Budgets.

  • Serve as ‘Gate-Keeper’ (1st approval) for all budgets within the GRI Resource Protection Programme

  • Ensure timely submission of all expense retirement templates and related receipts to Country Office

  • Monitoring and Tracking project expenditure from management account reports through reviewing expenditures against monthly reports and transaction lists

  • Requesting changes to the budget in line with GRI’s (draft) SOP

  • Implementing GRI’s financial management and petty cash management system

  • Responsible for the safe receipt and disbursement of all Project Petty Cash

  • Preparation of Monthly and Quarterly Project Budget Analyses (Budgets versus Actuals), and other management reports as determined by the Finance Manager

  • Preparation and submission of month end template, as per FATs

  • Submit all Programme level PPRs to Finance

3. Human Resources Management

  • To play a lead role in the recruitment and engagement of all RPP staff, including consultants and other relevant personnel

  • Has overall responsibility for the day to day management of all RPP staff

  • Ensure all RPP staff job descriptions are relevant, updated and filed with HR

  • Be ultimately responsible for staff welfare, safety and well-being

  • Ensure the timely submission of monthly pay-roll sheets to Country Office

  • Preparing staff performance objectives in line with work plans

  • Allocation and sign-off of monthly Staff Bonuses

  • Responsible for sign off of all Staff Movements, Leave, Rest Days and Sick Days and to ensure these comply with GRI HR Policy

  • Liaise closely with Country Office (Human Resources Manager) in order to prepare, sign off, and keep up to date: Staff Contracts, Job Descriptions, Terms of Reference and all other statutory documentation in relation to project staff

  • Liaise closely with Human Resources Manager in relation to all Staff Disciplinary issues/procedures

  • Ensure that all staff are familiar with and adhere to the GRI Human Resource Policy and Code of Conduct.

  • Interview, select and hire all project related staff as required versus implementation of agreed objectives and availability of budget

  • Responsible for the Training and Development work plan for RPP staff, ensuring that training fits with the needs of the departments and its workplan

4. Project Assets

  • To ensure that all project assets, through SOPs, are utilised, stored and maintained in a safe and serviceable manner at all times, in line with GRI guidelines and manuals

  • To ensure that all vehicles are serviced regularly according to a service schedule

  •  Ensuring vehicle usage is recorded on log sheets

  • To ensure that all project assets are adequately insured, and all statutory taxes are up to date.

  • To ensure that all project assets issued to staff are recorded and checked and returned to the project upon termination or transfer of staff from the project.

  •  To ensure that all Project Staff use the Pool Vehicles in an efficient and effective manner, at all times

  • Leading on the procurement of project goods and services as required in line with GRI guidelines through developing annual procurement plans and liaising with GRI procurement function

  • Managing project stock and equipment through maintenance of an asset register and stock bin cards

  • Managing movement of project stock and equipment through using GRI logistics forms as required


5. PR, Branding and Marking

  • To protect the brand and image of the Programme and GRI at all times

  • To ensure that all public announcements, or comments made into a public domain are positive in nature and follow the correct communications channels and procedures

  • To ensure that GRI maintains a non-racial, non-partisan, non-cultural, non-religious and politically correct viewpoint in all cases

  • To be a good-will ambassador for the Programme and GRI at all times


6. Stakeholders

  • Act as First Point of Contact for GRI for all matters relating to GRI resource protection work

  • Act as First Point of Contact with specific donors and stakeholders as agreed with the CEO and COO

  • Liaise with DNWP to ensure that DNPW local and Chilanga Management are kept fully appraised of all project plans and activities

  • Liaise with all Stakeholders in the respective Project Areas (CRBs, DCs, Tourism and Hunting Operators, other conservation Partners) to ensure optimum buy-in and implementation of the RPP objectives.

  • Attend regular and ad hoc coordination meetings as required. These include but not limited to the Law Enforcement Strategy meeting and the Kafue Park Operators Association meeting.

  •  Communicate project activities appropriately through undertaking an information needs assessment and developing a communications plan


7. Programme, Strategy Development and Fundraising

  • Liaise closely with CEO and COO to develop and fine tune the RPP Strategic Plan

  • Manage the implementation of RPPs strategic plan in line with GRIs organisational strategy

  • Develop new projects and initiatives in line with RPPs and GRIs strategies

  • Identify and source funding through networking, exploiting commercial opportunities and lead the writing of grant applications as appropriate in order to service the successful implementation of the RPP Strategic Plan


8. The Resource Protection Director has Direct Management Responsibility for

  • RPP Project Manager

  • CWP Project Manager





Please note that preference will be given to a management couple for the RPP Director and RPP Project Manager roles.

Please submit all applications to HR Manager Alice Chimbini

Please include 2 Referees, your CV and a Cover Letter highlighting why you are the right person for the job.


Applications must be received no later than mid day on 10th January 2020.  


Successful candidates will be shortlisted and notified by email.