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Country Office:  

Plot 2374 Leopards Hill Road,

The Village, Lusaka, Zambia


Resource Protection Programme - Project Manager

Roles and Responsibilities of the RPP Project Manager

The RPP Project Manager is responsible for all RPP Projects, excluding the USAID CWP Project. Based at GRI Field HQ Musa Gate they are to ensure all RPP projects deliver against the Annual RPP Workplan. The RPP Project Manager will have direct responsibility for supporting: 3x SAPU Teams, Marine APU, Connected Conservation Initiative, 1x Aerial Support Unit (dormant at the time of writing) via the RPP support functions (including a Workshop and Maintenance Team and SMART). They will be responsible for 2x Camps: GRI Field HQ Musa Gate and SAPU North Outpost Hook Bridge.

1. Project Management & Administration

  • Work closely with RPD (RPP Director) to develop Annual Work Plan and associated budgets.

  • Ensure the RPP Projects are Monitored and Managed proactively and that they deliver against the RPP annual workplan (and donor grant agreements), by developing and implementing weekly, monthly and longer term work plans.

  • Schedule and facilitate weekly and monthly Project Meetings to execute the workplans. These are expected to include Law Enforcement meetings, GRI Management meetings and combinations of both.

  • Keep the RPP Project Trello Board up to date and use it as a management tool to manage tasks, actions and Project Risks/Issues, in order to deliver the workplans.

  • Maintain and implement the RPP Fixed Administrative Task (FATS) register, not least to ensure all actions are aligned with wider GRI deadlines.

  • Provide Monthly Reports to the RPP Director.

  • Attend GRI senior management meetings as required.

  • Work with GRI Special Technical Advisor to develop the robust project governance protocols, and further develop project tools and SOPs.

  • Be responsible for all RPP Donor Reporting.

  • To ensure that all Project Staff adhere to all GRI Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Provide timely submission of short reports and updates to the Fundraising & PR Department - Town Office, for marketing and PR purposes.

  • Conduct regular project reviews, to ensure both positive and negative lessons learned contribute to the ongoing development of RPP and GRI


2. Financial Management

  • Ensure timely submission of all expense retirement templates and related receipts to Country Office.

  • Monitoring and tracking of project expenditure by reviewing management account reports and transaction lists.

  • Ensure the projects remain within budget and cashflow positive.

  • Implementing GRI’s financial management and petty cash management system.

  • Responsible for the safe receipt and disbursement of all Project Petty Cash.

  • Preparation of Monthly and Quarterly Project Budget Analyses (Budgets versus Actuals), and other management reports as determined by the RPP Director, Finance Manager.

Human Resources Management

  • Has overall responsible for the day to day management of all RPP Project staff, with assistance from director where applicable.

  • Ensure all DNPW officers and Community Rangers attached to the projects can operate in compliance with DNPW procedures and protocols.

  • Be ultimately responsible for RPP staff welfare, safety and well-being.

  • Ensure the timely submission of monthly pay-roll sheets to GRI Country Office.

  • Preparing staff performance objectives in line with work plans.

  • Overseeing the preparation and sign-off of monthly Staff and Ranger Bonuses and they are in line with agreed KPS.

  • Responsible that all Staff Movements, Leave, Rest Days and Sick Days comply with GRI HR Policy

  • Liaise closely with Town Office (Human Resources Manager) in order to prepare, sign off, and keep up to date: Staff Contracts, Job Descriptions, Terms of Reference and all other statutory documentation in relation to project staff.

  • Liaise closely with Human Resources Manager in relation to all Staff Disciplinary issues/procedures.

  • Ensure that all staff are familiar with and adhere to the GRI Human Resource Policy and Code of Conduct.

  • Work with RPD to interview, select and hire all project related staff as required versus implementation of agreed objectives and availability of budget.

  • Work with RPD to develop RPP staff Training and Development Plan, providing on the job training where appropriate.

4. Project Assets

  • To ensure that all project assets, through SOPs, are utilised, stored and maintained in a safe and serviceable manner at all times, in line with GRI guidelines and manuals.

  • To ensure that all vehicles are serviced regularly according to a service schedule

  • Ensuring vehicle usage is recorded on log sheets.

  • To ensure that all project assets are adequately insured, and all statutory taxes are up to date.

  • To ensure that all project assets issued to staff are recorded and checked and returned to the project upon termination or transfer of staff from the project.

  • To ensure that all Project Staff use the Pool Vehicles in an efficient and effective manner, at all times.

  • Leading on the procurement of project goods and services as required in line with GRI Procurement Procedures and developing annual procurement plans and liaising with GRI procurement function.

  • Managing project stock and equipment through maintenance of an asset register and stock bin cards.

  • Managing movement of project stock and equipment through using GRI logistics forms as required.

5. Project PR, Branding and Marking

To protect and project the brand and image of both GRI and its donors .

  • To ensure that all public announcements, or comments made into a public domain are positive in nature.

  • To ensure that GRI maintains a non-racial, non-partisan, non-cultural, non-religious and politically correct viewpoint in all cases.

  • To be a good-will ambassador for the Project and GRI at all times.


6. Project Stakeholders

  • Act as First Point of Contact for day to day RPP Donor communication.

  • To liaise with DNWP to ensure that DNPW local are kept fully appraised of all project plans and activities.

  • To liaise with all Stakeholders in the Project Area (CRBs, DCs, Tourism and Hunting Operators, other conservation Partners) to ensure optimum implementation of the RPP objectives.

  • Attending regular and ad hoc coordination meetings as required. These include the Law Enforcement Strategy meeting and the Kafue Park Operators Association meeting.

  • Communicating project activities appropriately through undertaking an information needs assessment and developing a communication plan.

7. The PM has Direct Management Responsibility for

  • RPP Support Managers

  • RPP Volunteers & Interns

  • RPP SMART Technician




Please note that preference will be given to a management couple for the RPP Director and RPP Project Manager roles.


Please submit all applications to HR Manager Alice Chimbini

Please include 2 Referees, your CV and a Cover Letter highlighting why you are the right person for the job.


Applications must be received no later than mid day on 10th January 2020.  


Successful candidates will be shortlisted and notified by email.