Fundraise by yourself (anyone worldwide eligible, requires fund withdrawal once Challenge completed and then onward transfer to GRI) OR Fundraise directly to Endangered Species Fund as the beneficiary charity (for US residents only, streamlines funds administration)


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  • Enter your campaign title: Elephant EPIC 75 Challenge

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  • Tell your 75 Challenge story: let your supporters know the story behind your 75 Challenge and why you care about wildlife conservation in Zambia

  • Tell our story: GRI and CLZ websites are full of fast facts to help you tell your supporters about the plight of Zambian wildlife, our work and where their money goes. For more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch in with us

  • Add a picture or video – ideally with your EPIC race number, get your supporters really excited about your challenge

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  • Say thank you - Send emails, tweet, share or update your story page - make sure your supporters know how much you, GRI and CLZ value them being on board and the difference they have made to Zambian wildlife!


Make a difference

  • If you fundraise directly to Endangered Species Fund, all incomes are safely and automatically delivered to the charity

  •  If you fundraise for “yourself”, once you have completed your Challenge please withdraw the funds (you will provide your bank account details during campaign sign up) and then transfer them on to GRI via our Paypal or JustGiving accounts as a lump sum

  • To keep the 75 Challenge Leader Board up to date, please submit your fundraising successes as we go along so we can keep track of your progress and see who is competing for the incredible prize of your very own tailor made Zambian Safari, with behind the scenes experiences at the GRI elephant orphanage and CLZ anti-poaching HQ on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River!