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Adopt an Elephant

GRI's Wildlife Rescue Department are currently providing sanctuary to 18 orphaned elephant calves. We need your help to give these elephant a second chance!

For a minimum donation of US$65 you can become an adoptive parent to one of three orphaned elephants in our care.

In return, you will receive:

  • An Adoption Certificate with a profile and photographs of your orphan

  • Quarterly updates highlighting events in the progress of your orphan

  • A subscription to GRI's monthly newsletter

To adopt an elephant, please make your donation of US$65 via our JustGiving Page, indicating your name and the amount paid, then email confirmation to jeni@gamerangersinternational.org indicating which of the following elephants you wish you adopt:


Chamilandu was only 1.5 years old when her mother was shot by poachers, leaving her a helpless orphan in South Luangwa National Park. With the help and care of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, GRI's Wildlife Rescue Department rescued Chamilandu in November 2007. She was a strong, healthy and boisterous young elephant calf, but was traumatised by the loss of her mother and suffered terrible nightmares. Over time, Chamilandu has grown into an incredibly affectionate young elephant. She has strong matriarchal instincts and has mothered all the younger calves, ensuring they are welcomed into the herd. At around 9 years old Chamilandu started to evidence hormonal changes and began to demonstrate her independence of the orphan herd by leaving on long excursions from the Release Facility.

KASAWE Kasewe was rescued at only 9 months of age in September 2016, just four days after her mother had been shot for crop raiding in Mozambique. She was found by a teacher named Sabina, who saw the small orphan wondering alone by the Kasewe stream. Sabina managed to capture Kasewe with her brother and children and restrained her with a chitenge (traditional cloth often used as a skirt) until the rescue team arrived. She was safely transferred to the Elephant Nursery, where she sought the attention of the Keepers to provide her with comfort and reassurance. With nutritional support and the company of her surrogate siblings, Kasawe has settled in well with the rest of the orphan herd at the Nursery.


Nkala was discovered by farmers in June 2013, as he wondered alone and distressed among cattle. His herd had been driven away from agricultural land and never returned. After hearing about the Wildlife Rescue Department's work on GRI’s community radio show Conservation Conversations, the farmer notified the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, and GRI deployed their Wildlife Rescue Team to the small community bordering Kafue National Park. At only 3 months old, Nkala was traumatised and in desperate need of milk. Over time, with consistent affection from his Keepers and surrogate herd, Nkala grew in strength and confidence. He was successfully translocated to the Release Facility in 2016, where he has become an integral member of the herd.

Images: GRI, James Suter, Black Bean Productions

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