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A Day in the Life of...Audience Malaya

GRI considers every member of staff - House Keeper, Ground Staff, Security Guard, Elephant Keeper or Education Officer - a Ranger, responsible for the environment and the wildlife within it.

Audience Malaya is a Grounds/ Maintenance Junior Worker and has worked at GRI for close to 4 months. His job involves cleaning and watering the grass, making sure there is a constant water supply for the camp, constructing and maintaining camp structures, closing the road to ensure the elephants can cross safely and cutting browse for the orphans to eat throughout the night.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Making sure everything on camp is properly maintained. I enjoy everything about my work.

Do you enjoy working with elephants?

Human contact is limited to the trained Elephant Keepers. However, my grandfather died protecting a young buffalo. This made me realise the importance of wildlife and how much people are willing to give up for the safety of these living things. Ever since childhood, I have loved animals and would love to work closely with the baby elephants one day.

Who is your favourite orphaned elephant?

Mkaliva, because she is funny. She likes to keep the water to herself whilst in the Boma and not let the other elephants drink it.

How does it affect you when a newly rescued orphaned elephant is bought to the Nursery?

There is always a lot of work when there is a new rescue. We make sure that everything used for rescue is properly functioning.

How do you feel about poachers?

I don’t like poachers as they are bad practitioners. They have no regard for the natural environment. They deserve to be put in prison.

How do you feel about environment distortion?

As someone who takes care of the environment, I don’t like it when people are destroying the environment.

What would be your advice to people that destroy the natural environment?

I would advise the poachers to find other jobs, charcoal burners to use dead trees to make charcoal and tell people in communities to always empty litter where it’s supposed to be emptied. When all these are done the natural environment and its wildlife will flourish and benefit from it sustainably.



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