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Foster an Elephant

Support GRI by becoming an Elephant Foster Parent for just $1,000/month!

At Game Rangers International we are providing sanctuary to 18 defenceless, abandoned elephants. Many of these vulnerable youngsters have been orphaned because their mother and family have been killed as a result of brutal ivory poaching. We need YOUR help to be able to give these elephants a second chance at life.

Caring for an elephant calf is expensive, and a long-term commitment. The young elephants only start to reintegrate with wild herds at the age of 10 years or older. Until this time the trained elephant keepers are the orphans’ only family and have a very special bond with these amazing animals.

For a minimum donation of USD$1,000 per month (1 year minimum) you can become the exclusive foster parent of one of the orphans.

You will receive:

• A large display Foster Parent Certificate for your office with the profile and photos of your orphan’s story;

• Quarterly updates and photos highlighting events in the progress of your orphans’ development;

• Access to your orphans unique story, photos and updates for your own PR and marketing purposes

• Promotion of your brand alongside your orphan on all GRI publications: website, newsletters, and social media;

• Advertising space at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery;

• “Behind the scenes” Tour of the Lilayi Elephant Nursery for up to 6 people;

• A highly collectable, limited edition David Shepherd water-colour print;

Please contact rachael@gamerangersinternational.org to foster an elephant today!

Images: James Suter, Black Bean Productions

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