This year we are introducing a new way for YOU to get involved! For $75 you can sponsor a Zambian rider to take part in the physical Elephant EPIC event, cycling 75km to to Lower Zambezi!


Meet 10 Zambian riders who have a passion for MTB and are looking to take part in the Elephant EPIC 2021 challenge. With your help, we can enable these riders to help conserve Zambia's wildlife and represent YOU as they ride!

Once your rider has completed the EPIC route, you will receive a digital package including your rider's completion time, pictures of them en route and a thank you video at the finish line.  


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I am 29 years old and this is my first time riding the EPIC! I am excited to participate because this physical challenge will benefit both myself and wildlife! Ride for the things that matter. 


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I am 18 years old and this will be my first Elephant EPIC. I am really looking forward to participating because it will be really fun. It makes me happy to know that I will be cycling for wildlife!


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I am 29 years old and I love MTB because it's adventurous and involves thinking technically! I have never done the EPIC before so I am excited to take on this new challenge and support wildlife conservation. 


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I am 27 years old and have taken part in the EPIC once before. I really enjoyed it and I'm excited for this years EPIC. I ride MTB bikes for entertainment and to explore! I am happy that my hobby can help conserve wildlife through this event. 


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I am a 47 year old veteran MTB rider who loves to be on the bike every weekend! I love nature and wildlife. This will be my sixth time participating in the Elephant EPIC. It's been my favourite ride ever since it started!


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My name is Lewis Matende and am 42 years old. The most exciting event for me is the Elephant EPIC because I get to meet different people from different places. The Elephant EPIC brings people closer together and teaches them about wildlife.


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I am 25 years old and my dreams were are to be a professional MTB rider. I live in Lusaka and have taken part in the Elephant EPIC four times. I love to be out there in the bush. I wish I could see elephants on my way to the Lower Zambezi!


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I am 31 years old. I love the sport of cycling and I have taken part in the Elephant EPIC three times now. I specialise in MTB riding and Acrobatics. The Elephant EPIC inspires so much and I hope to continue protecting wildlife through these events. 


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I am a 30 year old mountain biker who loves participating in events. This year will be my first time taking part in the Elephant EPIC, which has been a dream of mine! It's a race that inspires me to push myself and care for wildlife. 


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I am 37 years old and I love cycling! The birth of the  Elephant EPIC brought light to us MTB riders! I rode the Elephant EPIC once and the experience was beyond my expectations. I am so happy to ride for wildlife and help in any way I can. Elephant EPIC is the way to go!