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+26 0211 259871

Country Office:  

Plot 2374 Leopards Hill Road,

The Village, Lusaka, Zambia



Tender for Site Clearance


Game Rangers International is inviting Tenders from locally registered companies to undertake Land Clearance of a Two (2) hectare site in the Leopards Hill area.

A primary award will be made to the successful bidder with commencement date yet to be confirmed.

GRI – Terms of Reference

in relation to

Site Clearance
(hereinafter referred to as the Land Clearance Project)

Two (2) hectares of virgin land in preparation for the construction

of a Conservation Education Centre

Background: - GRI intends to establish a Conservation Education Centre (CEC) on the outskirts of Lusaka, in the Leopards Hill area. This development will include the construction of thatched structures and other out buildings on an area of land (the site), which shall not exceed two (2) x hectares in extent. The CEC will be established to help raise awareness to school children of the importance and value of wildlife conservation. The CEC shall be operated on a non-profit basis and will be donor funded until such time that it can be operated on a sustainable basis.

The CEC will be developed in a series of phases, as and when donor funding allows. Phase 1 shall include, but not be limited to the following developments: -

  1. Visitors Car Park

  2. Main Reception and Information Centre

  3. Café and Curio Shop

  4. Main Auditorium Centre

  5. Public Ablutions Area (including water reticulation)

  6. Three (3) x Discovery Huts

For detailed information on the proposed design and layout of Phase 1 Developments please visit the GRI Country Office and view the proposed plans.

Selection Process: - In preparation for this development GRI invites tenders (the application) on Thursday 16th January, 2020 from bona fide and locally registered companies to bid for the Land Clearance Project (LCP) component of Phase 1. The successful company will be selected on 22nd January, 2020 in accordance with GRI’s Procurement Policy and will be notified in writing within one (1) x working day after selection. The successful company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) will sign a Land Clearance Project Contract before 31st January, 2020.

The Company must be in a position to successfully implement the LCP Contract within sixty (60) x days of signature of the Commencement of Works.

Specific Details & Criteria for the LCP: -

1. Company Profile: -

a.  To assist GRI to make a good decision we request that applicants submit a summary of their company profile, outlining why they feel they would be the best contractor for the job. Photographs of any previous and relevant work may also be helpful to GRI when making its final decision.

b.  Only locally registered companies with a ZRA TPIN will be considered. A certified copy of the ZRA TPIN must be provided as part of the application process.

c. Provide a certified copy of the Company Registration Certificate.

d. List of Company Directors and Shareholders

2. Company Staff: -

a.  At least 80% of casual workers engaged by the Company to work in the LCP must be drawn from the local community of Shantumbu. To verify this GRI may request that the Company obtain a Confirmatory Letter from the local Chief to confirm that at least 80% of casual workers are locally resident in the Shantumbu area.

b.  All personnel working on the LCP site must be registered with GRI.

c.  All personnel working on the LCP site agree to abide by any associated Rules & Regulations stipulated by GRI – copies can be made available upon request by the Company.

d.  Any failure by an employee of the Company, whether casual or full-time employee, to adhere to the Rules & Regulations mentioned above may render the contract null and void. In such circumstances GRI shall exercise its full right to recover any and all losses which may arise as a result.

e.  All personnel working on the LCP site must be provided with adequate and relevant safety clothing, which must be worn at all times on the LCP site.

f.  The Company must ensure that a senior member of staff is present to supervise any and all activities being undertaken by the Company on the LCP site, at all times.


3. Payments: -

a.  GRI will only make payments into a local bank account.

b.  No cash payments, loans or advances will be given at any time.

c.  Payments will only be made against a bona-fide company invoice.

d.  The Payment Plan for the Land Clearance Project (LCP) will be as follows: -

i.  Payment #01 – Mobilisation onto site = 10% of the Contract Value

ii. Payment #02 – 50% completion of works = 30% of the Contract value

will be paid.

iii. Payment #03 – Satisfactory completion of works = full balance of

Contract Value to be paid.

iv. NB – All payments will be made within seven (7) x working Days of

submission of invoice to GRI.

4. The Works: -

a.  Site demarcation: -

i. Clear boundary

ii. Slash grass to <50mm across the entire two (2) hectare LCP site

b.  Clearance of Access Road and Visitors Car Park: -

i. Slash grass.

ii.Stump all trees and level all grounds.

c.  Clearance of Main Reception & Information Centre: -

i. Slash grass.

ii. Stump all trees and level all grounds.

iii. Dig foundations and remove any protruding rocks.

d.  Clearance of Main Auditorium Centre: -

i.Slash grass.

ii.Stump all trees and level all grounds.

iii. Dig foundations and remove any protruding rocks.

e.  Clearance of Public Ablutions Area, including water reticulation: -

i.Slash grass.

ii.Stump all trees and level all grounds.

iii.Dig foundations and remove any protruding rocks.

iv. Dig Septic Tanks and Soak Aways and remove any protruding rocks.

v. Dig all trenches for water reticulation system.

f.  Clearance of Café and Curio Shop: -

i. Slash grass.

ii. Stump all trees and level all grounds.

iii.Dig foundations and remove any protruding rocks.

g.  Clearance of Three (3) x Discovery Huts:-

i. Slash grass.

ii. Stump all trees and level all grounds.

iii.Dig foundations and remove any protruding rocks.

NB #01 – all protruding rocks must be demolished and removed by hand or by other means which does not involve any disturbance to the local surroundings and is in compliance with the EPB – copy available to the Company upon request.
NB #02 – all trees which have been chopped shall be stacked in a neat and orderly pile in a nominated corner of the LCP site.

5. Tools: -

a.  The Company will be required to provide ALL tools and equipment necessary to complete the LCP to a satisfactory standard.

6. Transport to and from site: -

a.  The Company will be responsible for providing all transport needs required by the Company throughout the LCP.

7. Site Subsistence: -

a.  The Company will provide all necessary pots, pans and other cooking utensils required to provide adequate and healthy meals to its personnel working on site.

b.  All fuels utilised during the preparation of any meals for LCP personnel must be procured off-site and be from a sustainable source.

c.  The Company must provide at least two (2) x Portaloos for use by its personnel working on the LCP site.

d.  It shall be the responsibility of the Company to ensure that all staff are using the Portaloos provided. Failure to do so can place the contract in jeopardy.

e.  The Company must provide all water to site. If, by the time the LCP starts, GRI has established a borehole then this can be used. However, the Company is advised to plan as if no borehole water is available on site.

8. Litter: -

a.  The Company will ensure that adequate refuse containers are made available on site to ensure that no litter is found unsecured at any time.

b.  Unsecured litter may result in termination of the contract.

9. Loud Music: -

a.  The Company will ensure that it’s LCP personnel do not play any loud music, or cause any other disturbance by way of loud noise.

10. Site Visits: -

a.  The Company and GRI shall agree on site visits to confirm quality of works on a day to day basis.

b.  GRI shall retain the sole right to determine whether an adequate level of Quality of Works is being attained by the Company.

11. Quality of Works: -

a.  These will be defined and clarified by mutual agreement and laid down in a Schedule to the LCP Contract before the actual Start Date of the contract.

b.  In the event of any dispute relating to Quality of Works an independent 3rd party will be called to site to verify.

c.  The cost of such visit by any 3rd Party shall be borne equally by the Company and GRI.

12. Conflict of Interest: -

a.  Applicants must declare whether or not their company Director/s and or Shareholder/s are related to any senior manager, or Trustee of GRI. Ignorance shall not be an excuse.

Quotations: - Bona fide companies must submit their official quotations to the GRI- Country Office in a sealed envelope on or before midday (12 noon) of 22nd January, 2020. Quotes must be clearly labelled for the Attention of the GRI - Procurement Manager, which in this case shall be the CEO.

Questions: - GRI will accept questions from prospective bidders on Monday 20th January, 2020 between the hours of 1000hrs and 1300hrs. Calls can be directed to 097 3481524.