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Weather and Climate


The weather in Zambia is very variable but mostly quite pleasant. There are four main seasons: wet-hot (Oct-Dec), wet-cool (Jan-Apr), dry-cool (Apr-July) and dry-hot (Aug-Oct).


October, the hottest month (often reaching 40°C or 104°F), is usually the start of the rainy season, with occasional rains, becoming much more frequent by December.

January and February are usually the wettest months with rain lessening and ending by March-April. When it rains here, it can downpour for a couple of hours and activity may come to a standstill, but then generally the rain will lighten and often dry up again. Humidity mostly remains low here even in the wet season, so the climate is usually comfortable. During the rains it can get chilly, though warm up as soon as the sun comes out. You should therefore be equipped for all temperatures. In the winter, June-August, night-time temperatures can fall to 0°C or 32°F, though it may be 30°C or 86°F during the day, so a warm set of clothes/nightwear such as thermal underwear is an essential.

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