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  • Lilayi herd
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  • KC Working with ZAWA researching elephant habitat in KNP
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  • Zambezi with our Keepers - never happier than when he is front of a camera! © 2013
  • The Lilayi Herd take a walk in the bush accompanied by trained GRI Elephant Keepers.
  • The Viewing Deck at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery provides an ideal place for schoolchildren to learn about the elephants and the importance of conservation and wider environmental management.
  • Batoka and Tafika - two playful residents of the Kafue Release Facility.
  • The Kafue Research Project aims to provide increased knowledge about Wildlife Behaviour and Conservation to aid the Management of Threatened Wildlife and to facilitate Coexistence between wildlife and humans.
  • GRI currently supports environmental education in 20 remote rural schools, reaching over 3,200 children through the Muzovu Awareness Project.
  • Game Rangers International (GRI) is a non-profit Zambian NGO, established in 2008 with critical and ongoing support from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.
  • Chodoba - at nearly eight years is the oldest elephant at the Kafue Release Facility and is starting to spend more and more time with the wild elephants in the Kafue National Park.
  • GRI runs an active Volunteer Programme to give a close up view of a conservation NGO in action.
  • Meet Nkala, the most recent addition to the herd at the Lilayi Elephant Orphanage.
  • The elephant calves at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery need to be fed a special milk mixture every 3 hours, day and night!
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