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GRI elephant orphan rescue

Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild animals injured or displaced by human activity. 

GRI Wildlife Rescue Programme works with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Veterinary Unit to support welfare provisions for Zambia’s wildlife. Our efforts began in 2007 with the establishment of GRI’s Elephant Orphanage Project and has grown to support a number of additional wildlife species over the years. The Elephant Orphanage remains GRI’s primary project with an Elephant Nursery in Lusaka and a Release Facility in Kafue National Park, where the orphans are gradually reintegrated back into the wild.  In May 2023, GRI merged with Zambia Primate Project to ensure primates impacted by humans, specifically in the illegal, domestic wildlife and bushmeat trade, are given a second chance for life back in the wild.


Elephant orphanage project

Founded in 2007, the Elephant Orphanage project is dedicated to Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Releasing orphaned elephants back to the wild.  All of the work we do is underpinned by Research.

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Zambia primate project

The Zambia Primate Project (ZPP) and its mission follow a Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release strategy to ensure primates impacted by humans are given a second chance for life back in the wild.

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MAtaya Meets the Herd

“Alone and suffering with machete wounds at only 6 months old, fragile rescue, Mataya, needed some focused keeper care before being ready to meet the other orphans." Conservation Behaviour Advisor, Lisa Olivier narrates Mataya’s first meeting of his new family, the Nursery Herd. This small, vulnerable elephant is safely in the care of GRI’s Wildlife Rescue Programme where he will be cared for until he is ready to once again live wild and free.

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Adopt an animal

By adopting an animal with Game Rangers International, you are supporting that animal on their journey back to the wild.  You are also supporting the Rangers that care for them, the Rangers who protect them and the Rangers who work with communities to educate and engage them on the benefits of wildlife. 

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Support our Wildlife Rescue Programme

With your support we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, release and
research wild animals negatively affected by human activity 



Provide an elephant orphan with specialised milk for one week



Equip 1 wildlife ranger with metal toe safety boots (essential for walking among elephants!)

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Provide a 2-way radio, essential for field based communications 



Provide a GPS unit for mapping released elephants



Remotely monitor released orphans & wild elephants through a camera trap

Game Rangers International's Wildlife Rescue Programme is generously supported by our partners in conservation.