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The Wild Charm, Baby Elephant Charm by Silvana Olivo

The "Baby Elephant" Charm has been designed by Silvana Olivo, the founder of The Wild Charm Factory, which encompasses a line of partnerships focussing on nature.

Straight out of the African bush, the endearing Baby Elephant Silver Charm & Pendant was conceived to hang suspended from a necklace or hoop earrings, as a reminder of how precious and precarious the most iconic mammal on Earth is.

With black, blue or brown eyes and a matching trunk-tip diamond, the heart-shaped baby elephant head displays a delicate silver chain that represents the playful elephant trunk dangling from its tip, as well as The Wild Charm’s signature Damsel engraved on the back of the flat sterling silver heart. The piece, available in three colour variants, has been designed in celebration and support of GRI's Elephant Orphanage Project. 

To shop the Baby Elephant Charm, visit the creator, Desert Diamonds and choose your perfect Elephant companion.​ Desert Diamonds is an authorised partner and will be responsible for packing and delivering your charm.

Baby Elephant Charm - £62

Product Details

Heart-Shaped Charm with Stylized Baby Elephant (18x18mm)

Available Color Combinations:

  1. Eyes: Black Simulant with Trunk: Clear Simulant

  2. Eyes: Blue Sapphire Simulant with Trunk: Blue Topaz Simulant

  3. Eyes: Brown Topaz Simulant with Trunk: Champagne Simulant

Each eye measures 1.3mm (x2 per charm) and the trunk stone is 1.3mm.

Additional Features:

  • Trunk adorned with a 15mm silver cable chain for added elegance.

  • Width between the furthest points: 15mm

  • Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver

With thank to Silvana Olivo, founder of The Wild Charm Factory for her support of

GRI's Elephant Orphanage Project.

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