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rufunsa game management area

The Rufunsa Conservation Project commenced in 2019 to support the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in the resource protection of the Rufunsa Game Management Area (RGMA).

Zambia Conservation Map_120 x 192cm_WELCOMEnlow LOW RES.jpg

RGMA is an area of 300,000 hectares (800,000 acres) on the eastern boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park (LZNP). This GMA provides an important ‘buffer’ for the LZNP and acts as an essential corridor between the Luangwa and Zambezi eco-systems. RGMA is a crucial Transfrontier Area being the international border between Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

GRI have entered into an agreement between DNPW, the Mburuma Community Resource Board (CRB), the Mphuka CRB, the Mpanshya CRB and Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) for the resource management and community development of this important eco-system through the engagement, training and operational support of 20 new Community Scouts  from the area – 10 GRI and 10 CLZ scouts who are now mobilised and are operational in the field in RGMA and the eastern portion of the LZNP. GRI received donor support for this project from the Charlie Ross coordinated group of the Janotta/Pearsall Family, Gary & Veronica Silberberg, Geoff Tennican and Jennifer Durning, Mark Headley and Chris Pehl, through the Endangered Species Fund.  


GRI Rufunsa conservation project

Read the report from the first half of 2021

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