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GRI elephant orphanage volunteer
GRI community outreach volunteer
Game Rangers International elephant


Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?  Are you passionate about conservation? This is the volunteer program for you.  You will be assisting Game Rangers International at each of their locations, where you will encounter our three pillars of conservation: Wildlife Rescue, Resource Protection and Community Outreach. 


During your time in Zambia, you will be living in bush camps, observing elephant behaviour, delivering conservation education, and cooking by the campfire, all while surrounded by wildlife – a remarkable experience, for conservation enthusiasts of all ages!

The 3 week experience as a volunteer was a very special experience. I learnt so much, had lots of laughs and met so many amazing people - fellow volunteers, staff, school children, local people. We got involved in so many different things. What I learnt about what the organisation is doing - not only for Zambia, but for Africa and for the planet - is truly inspiring.

Carla Arkless, Volunteer April 2022


For three weeks you will be immersed in Game Rangers International's three pillars of conservation. Starting in Lusaka at the Elephant Nursery, to Musa Gate where our Special Anti-Poaching Unit headquarters are based, to Kafue Release Facility where the elephant orphans are finding their way back to the wild.  The trip ends with a visit to the majestic Victoria Falls, for some well earned sight-seeing. 


elephant nursery

The home of our nursery herd. Get involved in biodiversity studies and join in as our Education Officer visits local community schools

Boiling water at Musa for a bucket bath.jpeg

Musa Camp

Discover how our Special Anti-Poaching Units work, use your skills in biodiversity and visit the community farms and businesses.

Kafue Release Facility

See the elephants on their journey back to the wild.  Learn about our Behavioural Observation Studies while living in the heart of the bush.