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About the Zambian Primate Project

The GRI Zambian Primate Project (ZPP) is dedicated to rescuing and releasing primates back into the wild.

Founded in 2009 by Cheryl Mvula, ZPP was originally a Born Free Foundation project, however, in 2015 it became an independent, non-profit organisation.  Born Free have consistently supported ZPP since its conception and will remain a primary partner of GRI and the project.

As with all GRI projects, ZPP will continue to work closely with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to rescue primates from their chains and return them to their natural habitats. We are delighted that key members of the original ZPP project will be joining the GRI team, including Cosmas Mumba, the celebrated primatologist, and Project Manager.

Through ZPP, we will focus on ensuring the safety, welfare, and protection of primates in Zambia.


Meet the ZPP team

Joining the Game Rangers International Team for the Zambian Primate Project.