discover the GRI - wildlife discovery centre

Join us on this exciting journey as we bring the Wildlife Discovery Centre to life! Our team are working like crazy to open the doors in 2022 and in the meantime, here is the vision and developments progress… 


welcome hub

First Step to Discovery

This is the first step on your journey through the centre! Inside, you’ll find all the information you need to explore Lusaka National Park, as well as getting a feel for Zambia’s unique and diverse Protected Areas. You’ll be introduced to GRI and DNPW in our reception area, and will have the opportunity to purchase gifts, snacks and drinks. 


An Immersive Experience

In the Explorertorium, you’ll be transported to four of Zambia’s diverse habitats through interactive, multi-sensory displays. This will be an integral part of the learning experience for all school visits to the centre and will highlight conservation issues and resolutions. From here, visiting students will also engage in biodiversity activities through nature trails into the national park.  


Elephant Nursery

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release

From the quiet safety of the Elephant Viewing Hide, visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to observe the orphaned elephants in a natural setting. They will arrive hungry for their milk and spend some time playing and interacting with each other, often in the mud, as their devoted Keepers remain nearby. Our team will be narrating throughout to ensure all your questions are answered as we maximise this real-life educational experience. 

Conservation Huts

Partners in Conservation

In the interactive conservation huts, you will discover exhibits showcasing the invaluable work of partner organisations in their efforts to conserve Zambia’s wildlife and wild spaces.  

March 2022

creating the gri - wildlife discovery centre

Led by Technical Advisor, Carlington Kafwabwe, construction commenced in July 2021 and the team have been working round the clock to bring this long-lived dream alive! Scroll on the arrows below to follow the construction timeline…