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We aim to secure Zambia's wildlife and wild spaces by providing valuable educational experiences for young people. We believe that by inspiring their young minds, immersing them in nature and surrounding them with positive role models, we can help create a generation which will make beneficial decisions for wildlife and wild spaces. You can support this initiative by visiting the facility, donating much-needed gifts-in-kind or sponsoring a Discovery Day. 

Become a Conservation Champion

Do you believe in protecting the wildlife and wild spaces of Zambia? Join us in our mission to create a better future for our natural world. Become a sponsor and partner with us to make a positive impact today. Download our corporate pack today

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Sponsor a School For a Day

At Wildlife Discovery Centre, we are dedicated to providing children with a unique learning experience through conservation education. Our program includes a full day of activities, such as an exploratory walking safari and a visit to our Elephant Nursery. Find out more below.


Donate to support  Communities

Our commitment to conservation includes supporting women's groups and community conservation projects. We encourage you to donate unwanted items to help make a difference. Our donation drop-off point accepts a wide variety of goods to support these initiatives. 


DIscover Lusaka National Park

Support an Elephant Orphan

With your support... we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, release and
research wild animals affected by human activity 



Provide an elephant orphan with specialised milk for one week



Provide a GPS unit for mapping released elephants

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Equip one wildlife ranger with metal toe safety boots essential for walking among elephants)



Remotely monitor released orphans & wild elephants through a camera trap.

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Provide a 2-way radio, essential for field based communications

Helping Hand

Even a small donation will go a long way.

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