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Olimba, at only 1 years old, was found cowering under her mother's chin after her mother had been caught in a poacher's snare and shot three times. She was extremely traumatised. Tragically, her mother was too injured to be saved and had to be put out of her suffering.


When you purchase a digital elephant adoption, you are supporting Olimba Mtima in his journey back to the wild.


Your GRI Digital Package contains,

  • Social media assets
  • Digital elephant profile
  • Quarterly updates on your elephant sent direct to your inbox
  • Access to an exclusive Padlet which allows you to see your elephant's journey from the frontline.


If you are purchasing this adoption package as a gift, please note that the email confirmation of the Adoption will go to your email address for you to forward at your leisure.  All subsequent elephant updates will go to the recipient of the gift.

Olimba Mtima Digital Adoption Package

Price Options
One-time purchase
Olimba Digital
£50.00every year until canceled


    The Game Rangers International Merchandise has been created in association with various production partners.  The proceeds from each sale goes directly to GRI where it will be used to support the vital work we are doing on the ground through our three programs, Wildlife Rescue, Resource Protection and Community Outreach. 

    Thank you for supporting Game Rangers International with your purchase today. 




    For full information, please read our Terms and Conditions. 

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