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It is time to take it to the next level.  Are you ready for the

2023 Elephant EPIC Challenge?  

100% of funds raised will go to the frontline of conservation

The Elephant EPIC Challenge Series!

The Elephant EPIC is back and this year it is bigger and better than ever. 

This year we have created the Elephant EPIC Challenge Series, a variety of challenges for you to choose from.  Enter your favourite or enter them all, it is up to you.  If you don't want to enter our challenge, create your own.  

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5th June to 29th September
EPIC Zambia, 10 day Countdown.  Get all the information you need here!

All the while you will be raising vital funds and awareness for the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces!

All donations raised through the Elephant EPIC will go to directly to the frontline of conservation through our three programmes, Wildlife Rescue, Resource Protection and Community Outreach.

What will be your challenge?


The Elephant EPIC MTB 


24th June 2023

75km from Lusaka to Lower Zambezi

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Elephant EPIC 75 Challenge


Your own take on the number 75. 75 push ups for 75 days, walk 75 miles, paint 75 elephants, 7.5 hour dance session.  Make it your own!


Epic 75km cycle challenge


For all the cyclists out there.  Challenge the racers in Zambia and take on your own 75km route.  

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Wildlife Ranger Challenge


Can you train like a Ranger?  take on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge or one of the three events and test your strength and endurance.


This year the Elephant EPIC will join forces with the Wildlife Ranger Challenge and fundraise via their dedicated platform.  This means that every penny raised through your efforts will be matched by the Sheinberg Relief Fund, amplifying your impact. For more information on how to join the fundraising team click here!

100% of Funds raised will go to the frontline of conservation
Help us achieve our target of £30,000!
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All You need to know

Everything you need to know about the EPIC is here! 


Why the Elephant EPIC?

Find our why our annual Challenge is vital to the conservation of wildlife and wild spaces and why you should get involved!


Host your own event

If you would like to mange and host your own event, the EPIC team will provide you with what you need to get you started.  Get in touch with us here! 


Hear all about past EPIC adventures from our  past participants.

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EPIC Leader boards!

Find out if you are ahead of the herd in your event or The Series Championship!  Keep a close eye on the leader boards!


EPIC MErchandise!

EPIC since 2012!

A thank you to Wendy Moolenschot

Wendy Moolenschot was the founder of the Elephant EPIC in 2012. Growing up on a farm she visited Kruger National Park annually and developed a love for Africa and its wildlife. With a passion for conservation and for cycling, Wendy has cycled in many events to raise funds for various projects including Wildlands in South Africa, victims of violence and rape, Weenen Game Reserve. The EPIC was her way of supporting the wildlife and wild spaces in Zambia and 12 years on, it is the global event you see today! Thank you, Wendy for not only launching our annual sporting event but for your commitment and passion for supporting conservation issues throughout Africa!

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Being a mother myself and lover of animals, seeing the confused and alone elephant orphan, Kavala Manje, in the old horse stables behind the Lilayi lodge in Zambia filled me with a great need to help as best I could. 

My husband and I had been honorary officers for a game reserve in South Africa prior to moving to Zambia, involved in maintenance of the reserve, and helping to organise an annual MTB Race to raise funds for the reserve.

So, I simply did what I knew best and started the Elephant Epic MTB Race. The first MTB destination race in Zambia at the time. The Elephant Epic has evolved and changed over the years - 2012 to present - into an event I am truly proud of. Game Rangers International has certainly honoured my original code and has become a voice for so many voiceless! Humans and animals! 

Wendy Moolenschot, Founder of the Elephant EPIC

Our EPIC sponsors

Thank you to the EPIC Sponsors who support our MTB Challenge in Zambia.  Without their generosity the Elephant EPIC MTB Challenge would not be possible.  You are all conservation champions.