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Holiday in the Wild

GRI is thrilled to announce our involvement in the Netflix conservation film Holiday in the Wild!

This touching story was inspired by the real-life events of the film’s lead actress Kristin Davis who developed a deep connection to elephants over 12 years ago when she helped rescue an orphaned elephant in Kenya. She became a Patron to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and has been avidly advocating elephant and wildlife conservation for many years. GRI has been incredibly fortunate to develop a relationship with Kristin, who has passionately supported and promoted our work in Zambia.

GRI supported the making of the film, allowing the crew into Lilayi Elephant Nursery where they utilised our facilities as their set, and spent time observing the young elephants to inform the movie. The story of a young orphan elephant who's mother has been killed by poachers, is not just on the movies. The compelling tale of young Manu, is all but real life for GRI who have been caring for orphaned elephants calves since its inception in 2011.

Holiday in the Wild is a family favourite, combining a fun and feel-good factor in a new and exciting environment, with all the hard-hitting realities of real-life elephant conservation.

We hope that through its production many more viewers worldwide will better understand the challenges being faced here in Zambia, and will be inspired to support our work, because every donation can help make the change! Kirstin Davies very kindly supported GRI in this video.

If you want to read the story of a real life Manu, check out the story of Lufutuko, affectionately known as "Tuko.

​Every donation makes a difference to these young elephant's lives. Just £30 will feed an elephant a specialised milk formula for a week. Please consider donating today to support the real life "Manu's".


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