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Mr Neddy Mulimo - Tusk Wildlife Ranger of the year 2022

On the 1st of November 2022, in London, Mr Neddy Mulimo found himself in the unusual surroundings of Hampton Court Palace, as he was welcomed on stage to accept the Tusk Wildlife Ranger of the Year Award 2022.

HRH Prince of Wales presents Mr Neddy Mulimo with his Award
Mr Mulimo accepting his award from HRH Prince of Wales

The award, presented by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, recognises Mr Mulimo’s 36 years of dedication to conservation. Neddy’s passion for nature and experience in the field have been at the very heart of Game Rangers International’s Resource Protection operations for 15 years where Mr Mulimo serves as Senior Support Manager. His job is to coordinate with the Anti-Poaching and Special Anti-Poaching Units, to ensure that when they are deployed, they are fully informed of their environment, kitted out, safe and effective. He is also an instructor and mentor to the teams on the frontline, as well as an inspiration to the young men and women also dedicating their lives to protecting wildlife and wild spaces.

Tusk Wildlife Rangers of the Year - Neddy Mulimo

Due to his vast experience, Mr Mulimo has been instrumental in forming policies around Ranger welfare. During his own time on the frontline, he made sacrifices by being away from loved ones for long periods, risked his own safety while on night patrols, and encountered dangerous diseases such as malaria.

Now, he ensures that when a Ranger is on a 20-day deployment in the bush, they have suitable clothing, accommodation, and rations. The welfare of the Ranger both on deployment and at home is provided by GRI working in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Furthermore, they have been trained, they have adequate communications, and their position is known to operators in camp, should they encounter difficulties and need support.

Mr Mulimo works tirelessly for the units he supports, and actively lobbies on their behalf to improve working conditions. His dedication, commitment and leadership are an example of how one man can make a difference in the fight against the loss of biodiversity.

HRH Prince of Wales with the Tusk Award Winners 2022
Mr Mulimo with the other recipients and HRH Prince of Wales

Sport Beattie, Founder and President of GRI was in attendance at the ceremony.

“It has been my great honour tonight to be present to witness Mr Mulimo win his award and be recognised for his lifetime of service by HRH Prince William and all the many dignitaries and distinguished guests present at Hampton Court Palace. Mr Mulimo flew the flag extra high today and did his family, Zambia and GRI proud.”

Ever humble in his accomplishments, Mr Mulimo commented on the award.

“It was a very, very exciting moment for me. I would say something I would never have expected. When I was reading my speech, I paused for almost 30 seconds, almost shedding tears. A sign of excitement, proud of myself, proud of the job I do, having been recognised by the world. Being handed over an award by the Prince of Wales, it meant the world recognising me, the world thanking me and handing me over a valuable trophy. Even at home, in Zambia, my family are sending constant messages to me, waiting to receive me back home with the trophy which is now my family’s remarkable history."

With enormous thank you to Tusk, Ninety-One and The Royal Family.

Photo credit to Getty for Tusk

Tusk’s message to the world is #ForwardTogether. Game Rangers International’s is #WeAreAllRangers. Both mean the same. This planet belongs to us all. We cannot empower Wildlife Rangers without your support. To donate today to support the critical work that Neddy Mulimo carries out, please follow the link below.


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