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Baking Bush Buns

GRI’s UNZA Intern Pretty Mbaiwa believes the Kafue Release Facility bush buns to be the best she has ever tasted:

“I was amazed by the beauty of the camp’s natural surroundings. The friendly Elephant Keepers have made an easy life out of the bush. Getting to know what they have for breakfast was incredibly interesting. The Head Cook Justin prepares fresh bush buns every day at the Facility, for the entire camp community. The recipe is easy to follow but difficulty to try. Justin uses warm water, salt, sugar and instant yeast. With ten table spoons of sugar, one and half table spoon of salt and two table spoons of instant yeast he makes up a solution that dissolves in warm water, then measures eight cups of flour, which produces twenty three (23) jumbo bush buns. The flour measured is mixed with the solution, which makes a soft dough that is then left covered for an hour to rise.

Once risen, the dough is rolled into small round shapes and gently placed into a large pot, which carries a total of 16 buns. Justin then leaves the buns for a further thirty minutes. Whilst he is waiting, he collects a few dead tree branches and starts a small fire - they produce hot ash and coals which makes the ground soil hot. He then places the pot on top of the hot ground and pops the coals on top of the lid. The bush buns only take about 30 minutes to bake.

It’s amazing to know that the camp community promotes environmental sustainability by baking the buns on the camp. Making these delicious bush buns is much more cost effective than driving to the nearest town to buy bread. This systems has been adopted in the homes of the Keepers’ as well!”

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