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Ludaka and Tuko, Elephant Orphans, Meet their new Herd at Kafue Release Facility

On June 5th 2021, elephant orphans, Ludaka and Lufutuko (Tuko), took their next big step to life back in the wild. The following morning, introductions were made to their new family.

“The team are ready to introduce Ludaka and Tuko to their new family. They had a relatively settled night but are keen to get out of their stables.”

Narrated by Lisa Olivier, Conservation Behaviour Specialist, here is the extraordinary footage of two new elephants finding their place in the release herd.

The footage is a unique insight into elephant behaviour and etiquette, as the newcomers learn quickly to submit to the more established elephants in the herd. This behaviour is vital for a successful integration, but also for survival in the wild.

Both Ludaka and Tuko still have a long way to go until they are fully released elephants. If you would like to support them on their journey, consider adopting them for yourself or as a gift, to help them on their way.

Ludaka and Tuko’s relocation is being supported by our partners in conservation David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, IFAW, Olsen Animal Trust and ProWildlife.


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