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Gift A Mother's Day Message

Please fill this out to ensure we can make the message as personalised and as memorable as possible for your loved one!

Part 1: Sender's Information

Part 2: Recipient's Information

Part 3: There are many similarities between elephant mothers and human mothers. Please choose ONE that applies to the recipient (we will add the corresponding message into the video):

1. Nurturing Instinct: Both elephant mothers and human mothers possess a strong nurturing instinct, providing care, protection, and guidance to their babies. 

2. Emotional Bonds: Elephant mothers, like human mothers, form deep emotional bonds with their young, displaying affection and empathy towards them. 

3. Teaching and Learning: Both elephant and human mothers play a crucial role in teaching their young essential skills for survival and socialisation within their respective communities. 

4. Protection: Elephant mothers, just like human mothers, are fiercely protective of their calves, defend them against potential threats and dangers. 

5. Communication: Both elephant mothers and human mothers communicate with their offspring using various vocalisations, body language, and tactile signals to convey information and express love and affection. 

6. Longevity of Care: Elephant mothers, similar to human mothers, invest significant time and energy in raising their offspring, often providing care and support for many years as their young grow and develop. 

For Aunties/Grandmothers/other:

7. Social Support: Both elephant mothers and human mothers often receive support from other members of their respective communities or families, aiding in the upbringing and protection of their young. 

Part 4: Is there anything special about the recipient you want us to know? Is there anything extra you would like the ranger to say? (50 words max) 

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