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Mbila and Shezongo came to GRI together as part of our first ever dramatic double rescue.


A large herd of elephants travelling between the Kafue Flats and the National Park became disoriented and entered a densely populated rural community. Elephants had not been seen in this area for over five years and many of the inhabitants had never encountered one. In sheer panic and desperation, the community tried to chase the herd away. The elephants became scared and scattered, leaving behind two tiny calves 1km apart. Mbila, was named after the body of water she was found in, and to represent her discovery, she has a splash on her side.


The Little Ndaba Orphaned Elephant collection have been carefully hand made by women in Zambia. Your purchase contributes to their empowerment and ability to take care of themselves and their children.

Mbila by Little Ndaba

  • This crocheted Mbila Elephant Toy is approximately 8cm long.

    Please note: Due the handmade nature of this item, each toy is unique and so may vary slightly from the image on site.

  • All toys are handmade from new materials

    Outer 100% Cotton

    Inside 100% Acrylic

    Handwash only, air dry then squash back into shape.


The Game Rangers International Merchandise has been created in association with various production partners.  The proceeds from each sale goes directly to GRI where it will be used to support the vital work we are doing on the ground through our three programs, Wildlife Rescue, Resource Protection and Community Outreach. 

Thank you for supporting Game Rangers International with your purchase today. 




For full information, please read our Terms and Conditions. 

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