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Volunteer Health, Safety and Code of Conduct

The health and safety of our volunteers is of the utmost importance to all involved in the programme.  We are also responsible for the safety of our teams and the animals in our care.  When participating in the volunteer programme is vital that you are familiar with GRI's Health and Safety policy as well as ensuring that you adhere to our code of conduct.  The Health, Safety and Code of Conduct Regulations ensures that you get the most out of your experience and that the impact you leave in Zambia is entirely a positive one. 

The Health, Safety and Code of Conduct Regulations can be downloaded to keep below.  Please read the document thoroughly and complete the form below. 

Health Safety and code of conduct

I have read and understood the full Health, Safety and Code of Conduct Regulations.  I am fully aware of my obligation to abide by these rules and any further instructions given to me by authorised GRI personnel in all cases.

I have been made fully aware of the dangerous nature of living and volunteering within a National Park and its surrounding areas. I have also been made aware of the potential risk associated with working around elephants both wild and orphaned.

As such I hereby accept full responsibility for any and all of my actions, movements and activities whilst participating on the GRI Volunteer Programme and do hereby fully indemnify GRI and any of its employees, donors, agents, partners or representatives from any liability whatsoever arising from any loss or injury to myself or others caused by my lack of adherence to these rules.

I also understand that my lack of adherence to the rules listed in the above document may result in early termination of my placement and revoke any rights to either a full or partial refund.

Thank you for signing the agreement! A copy of your agreement has been sent to the Volunteer Coordinator.

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