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Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2022

Ahead of World Ranger Day on Sunday 31st July, over 100 ranger teams from 15 African countries are gearing up for the 2022 Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a multi-million dollar fundraising initiative, culminating in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 21km half marathon on Saturday 17th September.


Once again, Game Rangers International are proud to be one of those teams.  

A survey conducted by Tusk at the recent Tusk Conservation Symposium found that the top five threats to conservation over the next ten years include habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and climate change. The skills needed to meet these challenges are indicative of the changing role of wildlife rangers. Yet, despite the multifaceted nature of the job, rangers are often misunderstood as just a man with a gun chasing poachers.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2022 will spotlight the ever-diversifying role of rangers to demonstrate their wider roles as conservationists, teachers, community support workers and leaders, contributing not just to their immediate communities but to global UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As the Challenge develops, it aims to become a movement to drive the recognition of rangering as a profession, build camaraderie amongst rangers and their colleagues across borders, and drive improvements for the welfare of rangers in the field across Africa.

Throughout the Wildlife Ranger Challenge, your donation, registered through the Just Giving page below, will be match funded by Mark Scheinberg and the Scheinberg Relief Fund, the Challenge’s founding donor, who have generously committed $1 million in support of rangers.

donate to the wildlife challenge 

Donations raised via the dedicated link below will be match funded by the Scheinberg Relief Fund.



"You can’t hope to save wildlife until you first save the rangers who are tasked with protecting the wildlife and the wild spaces within which they live."

Sport Beattie, Founder of GRI

Game Rangers International work with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to ensure Wildlife Rangers have the necessary kit, training and technology to do their jobs effectively, along with supporting their welfare.