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Elephant Epic 2022

10 Day Count Down!

Vital information for EE2022 MTB riders.

If still in doubt please call Julia on 0977720696


Thursday 23rd June from 0800 – 1400 at Villagers Pub, The Village Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka.

Please come to collect your race number and rider pack with EPIC T shirts and a whole host of rider goody treats with thanks to our generous partners for those.  You can send a representative to collect for others if needs be however we will be assigning every rider with a race timer to attach to your bikes with thanks to C-TRACK and we will allocate these to the personnel who collects these from us. A fee will incur for the loss of these tracking devices so please ensure you look after them.



Please support the fundraising drive for wildlife conservation with fantastic prizes on offer with thanks to our generous supporters for those too!  

Tickets will be on sale at registration and throughout race day at the FINISH Line.  k25 each or k100 for 5!  We will announce the prize winners at the formal prize giving/after party event in Lusaka – date TBC



We regret we are unable to provide transport from Kiambi this year – apologies for this, so please make sure you have made all your transport arrangements



  • You will find us approx. 24km past the Leopards Hill Boom along the Leopards Hill Road. On the left hand side of the road at the entrance to Hachonda Farm. This is 690m before the two red oxide towers. You will also not miss the EE branded START sponsored by PRESECURE.

  • Plan to arrive early at the START to ensure your bike is in order and you feel ready to go. Please Park in the signposted areas well before the start line.

  • Breakfast muffins and bananas will be available for all riders at the PRESECURE Tent.

  • Your race Number Board must be secured to the front of your bike

  • Your C-Track race timer must be secured to your bike

  • 06.30 Riders safety brief by an experienced rider 

  • 07.00 - The horn will blow and the race will start



  • You must wear a helmet to be part of the Epic

  • If you see an accident you are requested to help. The time taken for your support will be deducted from your overall time. So please stop and help. Just keep track of the time you have spent helping another cyclist and inform us at the FINISH line

  • Team event – the first 4 riders of the team must finish the race within 1 minute of each other to qualify.



  • The first 24km of the ride is on tarmac, before you reach the dirt road. Please note that phone signal will likely cut out from 15km into the race and only be picked up in the last 10-15km. However there are pockets of signal up on the Mother.

  • With the recent road developments the overall ride time will likely be reduced and we expect the fastest riders will cruise into Kiambi around 09hrs whilst the more social cyclists will enjoy a scenic journey and pull in anywhere between 11:00 hrs and 13:00hrs. There is no time limit for finishing, so don’t push yourself – pace it and enjoy it!

  • Make use of the generously sponsored water stations en route to re-energise yourselves.

  • STOP, ENJOY THE VIEW, TAKE A PHOTO! There are some beautiful spots along the route, some sign posted so don’t forget to look up, appreciate it and take a few snaps. There is no rush.

  • We will place strategic signage along the route to keep you on track and motivated thanks to SIGNS OF THE TIMES but we would encourage you where possible to use a GPS. We will send you the GPX file for the route as well as a Google Map for those without a GPS. The majority of the route is one main jeep track; there is some windy single track towards the end.

  • The end section of the route takes a right turn shortly after the base of the Mother. This is a fairly straightforward track up to Water station 3 (55km). Thereafter you will need to follow GPS and/ the sign posts as you enter the next 10km of twisting and turning single track up to the entrance to Kiambi. This route aims to keep you off the main roads and avoid sand and corrugations as much as possible (although there is some sand as your near the finish). We have chosen to reutilize this route as its been recommended by riders as the most enjoyable route yet.

  • Please note that during the last section of the ride you will be going through communities and will likely see many children. Our team will be working with the community in preparation to the ride and will do what we can to ensure riders are not hampered as they pass through these areas but we must request that riders PLEASE DO NOT give out sweets/treats to the children which will only reinforce their desire to thereafter hamper riders for more. 

  • In alignment with the 1Zambia MTB The Elephant Epic will enforce a 5 year EPIC event ban to anyone caught giving treats to the children as they pass through or if they are seen dropping litter.

GPX of the ride



We would like to encourage you to take as many photos of the Epic as you can, we want to see the riders on the trail and see more of your individual journeys. There will be a prize for the most EPIC photo of the ride that is posted to our Facebook page by midday 30th June – so get snapping and posting!




Please report to the Water Station personnel or race organisers at the FINISH Line any stories of note…. Cyclists who go above and beyond to help others (encapsulating the Spirit of the Ride), those who have a hard time on the route (an Epic Ride) and those who have blundered and deserve to down a beer/shot (fines at the Lusaka prizegiving!)… We are relying on your input and stories to make the fines and awards meaningful. These will all be posted on the virtual Prize Giving in the week after the race.




  • Stay hydrated throughout the ride! (You should be drinking 0.5 to 1L per hour out there – weather dependent)

  • Wear sun cream

  • There are some steep descents and sandy areas and these should be approached with caution – we will post signage to warn riders and marshals for the most concerning sections

  • MARS team of first aid responders will be supporting us throughout the race, with a responder at every water station and a response vehicle at the base of the Mother. But it’s a long drive out and we don't want to see any of you leaving us in an ambulance so please ride carefully and safely. Especially on the downhills.

  • The Water Stations without mobile phone signal will have a Satellite phone and/or Radio for emergencies

  • Be aware that snakes are around this time of year. If you see one, give it space, in the unlikely event you are bitten remain where you are and stay calm

  • A sweeper vehicle will be moving along at the back of the herd to assist riders where necessary, to ensure no one is left behind and to shout moral support! All water stations will have vehicles based there and can be deployed to support riders along the route as needed

  • There will be basic first aid supplies at all water stations and sweeper vehicles




  • Arrive at Kiambi Lodge to be cheered in by a few fellow riders, music and MC, an ice cold CASTLE LITE or COKE with thanks to ZAMBIAN BREWERIES and COCA COLA

  • The Burger Bar will be open from 09:00 to 14:00 to provide you with complimentary lunch (inc. vege burgers). Kiambi Lodge restaurant will also remain open throughout the weekend for guests staying on the premises.  If you have any supporters that would like lunch please pre order these with Julia by Friday 17th June.  Cost will be k75 and will need to be prepaid.

  • Please make the most of the MARS first aid tent for any post-race bumps, bruises or rehydration needs

  • Prize Giving, Awards will be done as the riders come through and we will be hosting an Epic Prize giving at the Wildlife Discovery Centre, Lusaka National Park in July date TBC. and Fines will all be held virtually the following week and we will be in touch with you to advertise this and distribute prizes.


We really appreciate your support 


Thanks for joining the migration and making this event totally EPIC!!

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