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adopt an Animal

Why should you adopt an Animal with gri?

Adopting an orphan elephant or primate from Game Rangers International can make all the difference to their journey back to the wild where they belong.  The journey for an orphaned elephant can take up to 12 years, many of which require constant care or watchful eyes. For primates is can take a year depending on the physical and emotional trauma encountered.  We need your help to continue to support the Elephant Orphanage Project, and Zambia Primate Project as well as protecting and preserving the habitat that these animals  will ultimately be released to. 

Adoption Packages

There is a range of packages to select from for your favourite animal.  You can select from Gold, Silver, Junior or Digital.

Gold Package

The Gold Package comes with a GRI T-Shirt and exclusive mounted photo from the frontline of your chosen animal.  You will also receive a GRI Magazine, a profile of your adopted animal and a certificate of adoption. 

Silver Package

The Silver Package comes with an exclusive mounted photo from the frontline of your chosen animal, a GRI Magazine, animal profile and certificate of adoption. 

Junior Package

Perfect for budding Junior Rangers, the Junior Package comes with a Junior Ranger T-Shirt, a handmade Little Ndaba Toy of your animal, colouring/activity book, profile and certificate.

Digital Package

This is a completely online package with the GRI Magazine, animal profile, high res image and certificate.

Each package will receive the digital pack upon purchase and every adopter will receive regular* exclusive updates from the Rangers directly involved with the care of your animal. 

*minimum of one email every quarter containing an update on the welfare and status of your chosen animal. 

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